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Manuel de Magelhaés Tribals

This page is not about tatoos. Its about a new hairtrend called "hair-tribals"!

Hair-Tribals are patterns which are shaved not only into the head but also into the beard. This unique hair-style has become so popular over the past, because every customer wants to be noticed in public society. And this is the possibility. No tribal looks like another. There is a tribal for every type of costumer and each tribal is a work of art.

On this Web-Site you will find our picture gallery with a few examples.
In our special fiel for distributors and salon owners you will find out, how you can offer the tribals shaving techniques in your salon and profit from this up to date trend.

You can find our book "Take care of your Heads" and miscelaneous marketing materials under the option for distributors ans salon owners.

Under the option current courses you will find upto date information about our course offers. We offer private courses at your salon aswell as open courses through our partners at different locations.



Manuel de Magalhaés

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